Shows and the new guy

Crystal’s face practically lit up at Samuel’s approval of her bow. It was at this point she relished that she could not lie to herself anymore. She absolutely adored this man. It was not just his look tho he was handsome. She enjoyed and liked his personality. This sodden revaluation coused her to look at her drink. He felt her hart beating faster and had a feeling that her face was brought rest. Much like that fairy from an old earth move what was her name again.

When Anna digested flying crystal looked up again. She looked at the sky. “It would be an amazing day for it” she said excitedly. If there was one thing that everyone know about crystal and Midnight it was that they practically lived to fly. It was the one place crystal was the happiest and most confident.

As Memnon approached he passed a little to close to midnight and Tempest. Midnight unhappy about the intrusion looked at him and growled briefly. “ Midnight be nice” crystal said glaring at the dragon. How oddly enough glared back at her then decided to clean sand off his feathers.

When Samuel put his arm around her crystal became rigid Ed for a moment. She had not expected that so it startled her. Midnight chipped at her. Snapping her out of her momentary shock. She stepped closer to Samuel resting her head on her shoulder. “ can we please do some acrobatic flying I do love doing stunts” she said slimming sweetly at him. Though her cheeks where still red. It was pretty clear she still felt shy and was not necessary enjoying being on a now crowed beach.

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