Tread Carefully

Hilda was somewhat taken aback by the notes on the Dragoon. This could be dangerous information in the wrong hands. A spark of rage went through her. The Dragoon were her friends and allies. The thought of Kalel selling this to someone else that would do them harm was enough to cause her to, without really thinking, flick her wrist in a a specific gesture that switched on a pair of bracelets she was wearing. This movement caused a thin set of robotic arms to quickly unfold from the apparatus on her back that was part of the rig for her legs. She brought one of the arms down to seize Kalel by his shoulder and keep him from fleeing. Then with one of her real hands she pointed her finger at him, a look of fire in her eyes.

"What the fuck have you been doing, Kalel??? Who else have you sold this information to? What else do you have? Tell me now or I swear I will crush every bone in your shoulder!" It took her a moment to pull back on the rage and let rationality take hold again. It pained her to do this, she liked Kalel he was a decent enough bloke just looking out for his settlement. But this... this was crossing the line.

A dark pit was forming in her heart as she realized that, if it came to it, she would probably have to kill him. She didn't want that. Kalel was a friend too. Her eyes softened slightly and she took a breath as she returned her gaze to Kalel's eyes. "Please... tell me you haven't sold this information to anyone who would use it against my friends..."

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