Anna Plays Cupid

When Samuel put his hand on Anna's shoulder she felt a jolt of excitement at his rough hands on her bare skin. Oh the things she had going through her mind right now! She wanted to press against him, reciprocate the physical touch, but she had seen how Crystal was, the smile on her face.

Anna faked an uneasy smile and and gave his hand a friendly pat before peeling it off her shoulder. She didn't want to, but she didn't want to ruin Crystal's chances even more. She stepped to the side and felt her heart sink. Why did she have all the rotten luck?

“Can we please do some acrobatic flying I do love doing stunts” she said smiling sweetly at him.

“All three of us can put on a show for the people here." Samuel added.

You slippery bastard! Anna thought at Samuel's suggestion. Come on, just get the hint! Crystal's the girl you should be going for not me! She knew he'd been ogling her. She'd flaunted her goods in front of him so far after all. But Anna had also seen the chemistry between him and Crystal. There was something there, Anna just had to get him running after it. The last thing she wanted was Crystal feeling like leftovers. Anna could handle it, but Crystal needed a win in the romance department. All she ever did was spend time with her dragon, she needed a little somethin' somethin'. Anna knew Crystal didn't have much in the way of family on Jericho, she didn't even remember much of her life before coming to the planet.

Anna was determined to give this precious fly-girl some damn good memories.

"Nah, I'm good." Anna said as she finished her beer and ordered another. "I'll chill down here, work on my tan some more and keep Memnon company." She winked at Memnon. "If that's okay with you, that is?"

Maybe if Samuel saw her making goo goo eyes at Memnon he'd get the wrong idea.

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