Ever Wonder Why His Code Name Is "Big Daddy?"

"She infuriates me and makes me proud. She can be resourceful as much as a hindrance; she just doesn't know at times. And I try to make sure that she understands what world we live in. It will never be easy, and she will soon be her own woman. It is frightening to see but worth it all."

He glanced to Cross. "And god help the poor idiot who tries to hurt her. There is nothing I won't do to save her. Nothing. But why do you care?"

Jhonen didn't respond for the longest time. He seemed to take in what Jack had said. As if he was burning it all into his mind. His gaze was as steely as ever, and he stared out the front windscreen of he spinner.

Then he finally looked back to Jack. "Because I'm a father too... Or at least... I would've been..."

His features softened slightly. His eyes filled with a grief that no doubt Jack dreaded feeling. And the truth of why Jhonen had taken such a personal interest in their situation finally revealed itself. The cryptic messages between him and The Queen came into horrifyingly sharp focus.

"You get to fail another family... Another daughter..."

Then Jhonen took in a sharp breath, his eyes refocused. "Never let her go, Jack. Never let her out of your sight. I know you say you'd do anything to keep her safe. And I believe you. But take it from me... You have no idea..." His voice shook. "You have no idea..."

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