Dragon Air Maneuvering

When Samuel put his arm around Crystal, she became rigid for a moment. She had not expected that, so it startled her. Midnight chipped at her. Snapping her out of her momentary shock. She stepped closer to Samuel resting her head on his shoulder. “can we please do some acrobatic flying I do love doing stunts” she said slimming sweetly at him. Though her cheeks where still red. It was pretty clear she still felt shy and was not necessary enjoying being on a now crowed beach.

Anna faked an uneasy smile and gave his hand a friendly pat before peeling it off her shoulder. She stepped to the side and felt her heart sink. Samuel new that he had failed with her this time. He was not sure what he did, but she made it clear what she wanted, and it was not him.

Samuel could only smile back at Crystal. “Well with a request like that how could any man resist.” He eyes and her touch excited Samuel in a different way than just a one night stand way.

"Nah, I'm good." Anna said as she finished her beer and ordered another. "I'll chill down here, work on my tan some more and keep Memnon company." She winked at Memnon. "If that's okay with you, that is?" Maybe if Samuel saw her making goo goo eyes at Memnon he'd get the wrong idea.

“Crystal, I guess we can get off this beach and into the air. A little fallow the leader if you can keep up” Samuel said with a playful smirk. He walks with Crystal to there dragons as he gets close, he takes his arm off of her as Midnight glares at him. “meet you up there” he says to Crystal. As he walks towards Tempest. He stops at the Bartender and get a bottle of something he slips into a case on his dragon. Climbing on to his dragon Samuel walked Tempest away from the crowed beach with a leap and a grate flap of its wings Tempest and Samuel shot into the air gaining speed as they climbed. The climbed to about 200 meters with a quick turn he waited for Crystal.

Wasting no time Crystal and Midnight was on his tail. Samuel and Tempest swiftly took off at high speed going on to the sky. The two Tempest and Midnight rolling and turning as they went
Time for the real maneuvers Samuel thought.

He started high Yo-Yo maneuver, and very difficult to counter he though. The maneuver he used to slow the approach of a fast moving Midnight while conserving the airspeed energy. Tempest start her maneuver by reducing the angle at which the dragon is banking during a turn, and pulling back on the rains, bringing the Dragon up into a new level of travel. Midnight then rolled into a steeper pitch turn, climbing above the defender. The trade-off between airspeed and altitude provided Tempest with a burst of increased maneuverability. This allows Tempest to make a smaller turn, correcting an overshoot, and to pull in behind the Midnight. Then, by returning Midnight's line of travel, the Tempest restores the lost speed while maintaining energy.

Tempest was out maneuvering. Midnight was out of airspeed and ideas. Crystal entered the defensive spiral is a maneuver used by the defender when the kinetic energy becomes depleted and other last-ditch maneuvers cannot successfully be implemented. The maneuver consists of dropping the Dragon in to a dive during the low turn and going into a spiral dive, using gravity to supply the energy needed to continue evasive action. The defensive spiral becomes a rolling scissors performed straight down. The Crystal goal is to stay out of phase with Tempest until the ground is dangerously close. The advantage usually goes to the dragon that can decelerate quicker, and the defender will often cut the dive and extend the wing and brakes in an effort to force an overshoot. If this attempt is unsuccessful, the Midnight will usually pull out of the dive at the last possible second, hoping to cause tempest to pull out. Tempest flew past Midnight and a salute from Samuel as he went by. Crystal and Midnight won the first round.

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