Who’s the better flyer

Crystal giggles as Samuel and Tempest pass them. They should have known better then to follow them into a dive. As midnight can get much closer to the ground the most other dragons. She continues to fly watching as Samuel and Tempest start to climb the pair end up behind them.

Crystal flyers straight know that Tempest is faster then midnight. Tempest can close the gap between them very quickly. Crystal knows this and is waghting for the right moment. As Tempest gets in close midnight turns his body up so that he is vertical. In a maneuver know to pilots and Pugachev's Cobra. The maneuver almost completely stops Midnight and lets Tempest shoot past them.

As Tempest starts a turn to correct the over shoot midnight has come out of the Cobra maneuver and starts nearing her turn only to fly up above her plain of flight and start barrel roll. If they had been successful crystal and midnight would have ended on Tempest tail again. Unfortunately Samuel decided to counter sending them into yet another sizers maneuver this time it was just a rolling sizers.

“ I should have known her the time use a barrel roll on him” she thought and she set midnight up to pass Close to Tempest on the next pass. When Tempest would be gaming altitude and midnight would be losing altitude. By making a close pass she and midnight would be able it increases the distance between her an Samuel Samuel won this round.

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