Hilda's Holiday

It was a sudden realization she had when she had arrived on Clarke Island and had a moment to relax. Her brain worked in the background and put the pieces together. Kalel was planning something big. So when she found herself flying back to Landfall, heading for Kalel's settlement. She wasn't surprised that she preferred to spend her holiday getting into some trouble.

It was better this way anyway. Hilda hated going to the beach. She could never pull off sexy swimwear with her exoskeleton. She'd probably do better in a car show than a bikini contest anyways...

So she parked her spinner out front neat Kalel's little hovel and was greeted by one of the robots she'd lent him earlier. She knocked on its metal noggin and said: "Hey! Kalel! I know you're in there with that new skank of yours! Open up!"

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