Dark In Hiding

When Jhonen landed the spinner at Queenslayer Base, he was quick to tell Jack where Joanna was. He followed the concerned father to the med bay where he found Dr. Brennan checking on her recovery.

"She'll live." Brennan said. "Thanks to Syn... of all things." She looked to Jhonen.

"Good." Jhonen nodded. Then he turned to Jack. "This base is probably the safest place you and her can be at the moment. If I know The Crimson Queen... she won't lift the bounty she's put on your heads." He lowered his gaze, shame flashed across his face. "I'm sorry you got swept up in all this, Dark. But the fact of the matter is that you've got a choice to make. You can either stay here, join my team, and try to take down this bitch once and for all and get this death mark off our you and your daughter; or you can try and run and hope they don't find you. But at least with us, with me, you'll know I'll do everything in my power to keep your daughter save..."

He knew it would have to be something Jack would need time to figure out. "In the mean time. This base is open to you. Take what you want. Food, supplies, whatever. I've got to head back out and run an important errand..." Jhonen turned after he nodded to both Jack and Brennan then left the room.

Before he could get back into his spinner and make the trip to Clarke Island to see Noriko Syn had intercepted him.

"Jhonen Cross." Syn said with a nod. "I have news that I feel I must share with you. Regarding the prisoners that were detained during Operation Dog Run."

"Can it wait? I have a long trip ahead of me." Jhonen said, not really wanting yet another distraction. Noriko wouldn't be happy with him being late as it was.

"I'd prefer to share it now." Syn said.

"Fine..." Jhonen crossed his arms. "Spill it."

"The female that we had detained was a simulant slave girl that appears to have been smuggled out of The Crimson Kingdom by The Syndicate." Syn explained.

Jhonen frowned. "Is this supposed to be news to me? The Syndicate does that all the time."

"Information I was able to gather suggests this girl in particular was in the bosom of the enemy's council. A personal slave to The Crimson Queen herself." Syn told him.

Jhonen's interest had finally been piqued. "Really? And she just happens to show up here?" Something wasn't right. He could sense it. With this and The Darks he felt The Queen was up to something. But he had to see Noriko still... "Tell you what. Get Ink on the case. I don't think he's one for sun and surf anyways. I'll let him know you've got a recon op for him."

Syn nodded. "Very well."

Jhonen's features softened. "And I would like to thank you for helping Joanna... This situation her and her father are in... it's personal to me. And having you step up like that merits some big points in my book. I may not know who or what you are, but I feel I can trust you after this. Great work."

Syn just stared at him. It was hard to read a man when he technically had no face.

Jhonen finally nodded. "I have to get going. Carry on."

Syn nodded. "Jhonen."

Jhonen got back into his spinner and set the auto pilot for Clarke Island. The flight at top speed would last an three hours or so. So Jhonen opted to get a small nap in while he could.

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