Beauty and Ships

Emerson nuzzled her hair a bit, enjoying her presence as much as she did. "I am enjoying this too... But you seem to be not used to dating... You don't have to be anyone special, Ezra. I don't judge." He snaked his other arm around her for a nice little embrace. "Of course, I am not used to... attention... It has been a while since I felt like this. And I think I don't want this to end."

Ezra felt a little sheepish at Emerson's deduction of her love life. It was true. She wasn't used to this sort of thing. Dragoon lived hard lives, and it often left very little in the way of romance. It was one of the many reasons why fraternization wasn't frowned upon. When you weren't sure if you were going to die tomorrow, you lived for today. But that usually only resulted in shallow flings. Two bodies sharing warmth on a cold night and nothing more. Ezra never saw the point of that.

On top of that, Ezra always found dating to be a difficult task. She was often the girl left unpicked, the friend who sat on the couch and watched as her friend made out with the handsome jock, the girl who always felt unwanted.

Yet here she was, in the arms of this great guy. Someone she finally felt a connection with.

She glanced up and Holiday had a sense of dejâ vu. ....Amita? he thought. He quickly pushed it away, instead focusing all on her. What that was, it was in the past. What was now, it was now. "No, I don't think. I don't want it to end."

Of course, it was as they got to Hammond that Emerson found himself wanting to kiss her. This time, he decided to hell with it. He tentatively leaned down a bit, heart a-pounding.

"Hammond Inc.! 13.74cr, please!"

He winced at that. Ah well... At least we are here...

Ezra had seen him move in, and felt the world shatter around them when the damn cabby landed the spinner in front of the Hammond building. She hated the poor timing if it all. How fast the ride had been. It felt like the universe was trying to take this away from her. Denying her what she wanted.

Ezra had decided that was enough. She pulled herself up to meet Emerson's lips and kissed him right there in the cab. All the while, the cabby sighed and rolled his eyes, clearly this wasn't the first time something like this had happened.

Ezra didn't care anymore. Didn't care if this was a first date faux pas. She knew what she wanted. And she didn't know what tomorrow would bring. For all she knew, it would bring another mutant from hell, one that would take her down and the last thing she'd feel wouldn't be the fear of dying, but the regret for not kissing this wonderful man in front of her.

No. Life was too uncertain. Too short and unfair to let a good thing pass you by when it is right there in front of you.

Emerson did not care either, only cared for her now. Her lips were soft and he had a moment of doubt about how rough his must be. He pulled her a bit closer, now both of them basking in the gentle glow of the moment. Holiday had enough sense though to pull his cred stick and extend it to the driver. He waved it a bit until he felt something touch it. He retracted his arm after the beep! reached his ears and gathered her in both arms.

How long did they kiss? He was not sure himself, it felt like hours they were there. Yet he still felt like it was not enough when they finally parted. He gazed into her eyes, for the first time feeling the warmth of intimacy, as well as its more animal pull, in a long time. Holiday could not understand how this woman looked this amazing right now, catching her breath even as her cheeks darkened.

He finally tore his mind from her and thought rationally. "Ready?" He asked, a boyish grin already there.


De Lacy-Tango 485 sat upon the landing pad as the double airlock doors hissed open. Getting through the building without the two finding another spot to make out was a bit difficult, but they had done it. Emerson still felt the warmth on his cheeks from just a few seconds ago, nearly being seen by staff as they exited an elevator. But now, they were in the clear!

He keyed the activation code and waited for the ramp to descend. He supposed Sebastian would hear of his pilot and bodyguard Dragoon but he could not find any care for it. This was just too exciting!

"So... You will have to forgive me on how it looks," he said, taking her hand and limping up the ramp. "I was hauling cargo before Hammond contracted me, so there is probably..."

He looked to her and lost words. Florescent light, moonlight, he was starting to see that she was just beautiful as can be no matter the light.

"I'm not picky," she said, not revealing that her heart was about to explode from nervous tension. Knowing very well of what could happen onboard, she was screaming at herself the entire time she mounted the ramp next to him.

Holiday nodded. "Would you like to take the co-pilot seat?"

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