Fun and games

As they landed crystal smiled at Tempest. “ I don’t think you needed to Rarr Tempest the other animals would have run off as so as you landed anyway” she teased the dragon. As she got off midnights back.

She smiled at him petting the dragon as Samuel approached her. “ you not bad your self but then again you and I have been flying together for a long time.” She said with a playful smile. Her face was no longer red. She was much more comfortable now. She was not really a people person.

Midnight tweeted at Tempest and he rubbed up against her much like a cat might if it were sent marking a Surface. Midnight gave Samuel a worning glare when he sighted that both dragons go fishing.

“ midnight Go have fun with your girlfriend” Crystal teases. She. Turned her attention back to Samuel as the dragon took off to fish in the shallows. Tempest first then midnight. “ no I don’t date much. Between trying and work we don’t get a lot of time to are-selfs. Besides most males won’t get anywhere near midnight and I unless they have to. Apparently people find him scary” crystal said.

They eventually settled on the beach listening to music and watching the dragons. “ this place is beautiful Isn’t it” she said out of the blue. It was no secret that crystal loves this planet they found themselves on. Though it was also well know that she did not remember her life on earth. She had memory loss from having been on stasis on the way to the planet. She looked at Samuel then cured up against him resting her head on his shoulder. “ it’s nice to get the chance to relax.” She said softly.

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