Awkward position.

If you have ever watched two cats prepare to fight. The hissing, arching, posturing, and showing of claws. Kalel could feel this and the worst of the mater is he was being sat on by one of the cats.

“Enough,” he said with some anger. “You dishonor my hospitality and my home.” He tried to stand but could not get his arm to work well enough to lift Selina. Nor did he want to dump her on the ground. He was stuck. Selina knew it too. “Selina, please go get a some of that imported soda,” he said looking Hilda in the eyes. His message was clear not all the details in front of the girl. He was trying to protect her, and more so, himself. If she fell back into the Queen’s hands, he did not want her knowing all the details of his plan.

Selina pouted a little as she headed into the cave. The hip wave and bounce was intention. When she entered, he leaned forward and whispered, “You know we can’t talk about plans in and in front of people. Now, you to cats are going to make a very rough evening for me.” He leaned back and sipped the tea.

“I’m going to steal a chunk of the the Queens money,” he said as he pointed to the parts. “Using these,” he continued, “and pin it on the Queen’s Hand.” He smiled.

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