Frist Kiss? or not.

They eventually settled on the beach listening to music and watching the dragons. “this place is beautiful Isn’t it” she said out of the blue. She looked at Samuel then cured up against him resting her head on his shoulder. “it’s nice to get the chance to relax.” She said softly.

Samuel leaned into her too putting his arm around her pulling her in closer. “this place has its beauty” he paused “but not like you” he said softly. Then looked out over the water. “I know I have not showed you this type of attention before. I have…. sometimes had a hard time getting close to people.” He says as he turns his head reaching over kissing her on her head.


The crashing of the waves against the rocks the blowing breeze with the ocean smells on it. he could smell her hair. His heart was betting faster now. He took a breath to calm himself and his nerves. The sun was setting it was about touch the horizon. “I don’t think I have been relaxed like this before. It has always been mission then looking for the next. Now here with you making forget all about that, in this sunset. Watching the reflection of the sun in your eyes and in your hair how your body glows in the sunset, making my heart rice.” He whispers softly thinking on the music.


What I am I thinking? why am I talking like this what is wrong with me? I never talk like this I never open up let people in. It is dangerous for them and me what is this war inside of me. he starts to shake some as a bit of fear builds up in him. He takes a deep breath he turns towards her as the sun sets halfway down. He cups her face in his hands gently. Looking into her eyes looking to see her reaction. This may be too much too soon what if she gets mad. WHAT AM I DOING! His mind screamed. Only If I kiss her, Just kiss me let me know its ok.

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