And Is That The Control Stick...?

"So... You will have to forgive me on how it looks," he said, taking her hand and limping up the ramp. "I was hauling cargo before Hammond contracted me, so there is probably..."

He looked to her and lost words. Florescent light, moonlight, he was starting to see that she was just beautiful as can be no matter the light.

"I'm not picky," she said, not revealing that her heart was about to explode from nervous tension. In actuality, she loved the ship. She always preferred the older models over the sleeker looking designs they were coming out with now-a-days. Knowing very well of what could happen onboard, she was screaming at herself the entire time she mounted the ramp next to him.

They made their way to the cockpit where Emerson took a seat at the controls then turned to look at Ezra who was just smiling and admiring the old ship. "She's a really good ship, Emerson."

Holiday nodded. "Would you like to take the co-pilot seat?"

Ezra nodded but instead of sitting in the seat Emerson had offered to her, she took a seat on his lap. She smirked at him coquettishly. "So where are you taking me, fly-boy?"

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