Hilda Tries To Bury The Hatchet

Hilda looked visibly relieved that Kalel had seen reason. She smiled. "That's good." Though she was unsure of what his game was, she didn't want him getting hurt. She nodded. "Well I'll go ahead and unload my spinner, the parts are reliable as always." Then her face twisted slightly. "And I'm sorry about how my friends threw you in a cell. The hunt for The Queen has finally taken off and more dragoon are at my compound more than ever. And they often like to flex their authority despite it not being their place." She sighed. "So I tossed in a few extra goodies you could use for this little shindig you're putting on. Some stealth cloaks and a special recon drone of my own design...

She got up and gestured for Kalel to follow her back down to where she'd parked her spinner. She went to the back and activated her exoskeleton's arms to help her unload the boxes with ease. She opened one of the boxes and inside was a robot.

Hilda smirked and looked to Kalel. "This little puppy is something I've been working on for a while. It's got a number of useful tools and gadgets. Hopefully you'll find a use for it. And I hope this punctuates just how sorry I am about everything."

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