More Human Than Human

Kalel was absolutely shocked. “Machine? Do you mean she’s a machine?” He gasped thinking Hilda was pulling out a major crap card. Selina never said she was not human and he really hadn’t thought about her being in cargo...

The fates were playing him like a sap.

Hilda saw how surprised he was. She frowned. "You didn't know?" She sighed. "Well I guess that's natural, sims are meant to 'simulate' humans in every possible way. Aside from the fact that they're not made from the same stuff we are, you really can't tell the difference. It's cutting edge cybernetics. Synthetic genetics, advanced stuff only mega-corps typically have access too. But The Crimson Queen's got a major simulant manufacturing ring. Produces them for slave labor to the highest bidder." She looked to where Selina had been before.

"My guess is she's a love slave. One that was very close to The Queen. Which means she's very important." She could tell he was a little devastated by the revelation, she felt sorry for him. It wasn't every day you found out the amazing and beautiful girl you were seeing was, literally, too good to be real. She put her hand on his shoulder reassuringly, making sure to not touch the one she'd hurt before. "Hey... don't beat yourself up... They're not as fake as you think. The Syndicate works to try and free enslaved sims, help them break their programming and give them new identities on other worlds. Though on most worlds, sims are illegal so they typically get hunted down and 'decommissioned' when they're found out. But in a lot of regards, they're far too close to humans for there to be a real difference." She wasn't sure if this would help how he was feeling. But she did feel bad being the one to shatter the fantasy he'd been enjoying.

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