But who...

Kalel had the feeling that his new friends were probably laughing at his foolishness. But they were going to get him money. He should have figured this out when they weren't offering to take much of the cut.

The problem was he kind of liked Selina. She was smart and knew lots of things, heck she was even treating his shoulder. She did not complain about living in a cave that he had converted into living space. She was interested in what he had to say. She liked his cooking. She even entertained the pesky dragon. She was making him a better person.

"Decker offered me membership," he said to Hilde. "If I took it, I think they would make me wear a tie." Then Kalel asked, "Who would watch over the settlement?" He paused then said, "He said I would have enough money and that I should go live on one of those tropical worlds with Selina." He gave Hilde the what should I do look.

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