Tread Lightly, Kalel

Hilda felt sad for Kalel. She wanted to hug him, but refrained from doing so partly out of respect for his personal space and partly because she knew his shoulder hadn't quite healed up fully. She just shot him a sympathetic look. "Hey. A lifetime on a tropical paradise with a..." she looked to where Selina had disappeared to. "...girl that's totally nuts about you? Sounds like a dream come true." She smiled. "You wouldn't look good in a tie anyways." She winked.

So Kullen Decker was involved. Hilda only knew of him from information that their informant, Whisper, had fed to them. Whisper had a lot of ties to the Syndicate, apparently. He was Syndicate, so he was the rougish-type for sure, though he was a bit over-ambitious. That could mean Kalel was in a bit more trouble than he was letting on, yet unlike before, Kalel seemed to be aware of this.

"Look, I can't tell you what to decide." Hilda said. "All I can say is be careful and watch your ass. Okay?" She smiled at him warmly. "And if you need help... don't hesitate to come to my place. The people there may be Dragoon, but we're more of an independent operation. And you can trust Jhonen." She reassured him. "I know your last visit to Queenslayer Base wasn't the most welcoming, and I still feel like shit for that," She winced sheepishly at him. "But that was an unexpected group that came in to use the facilities while we were off killing a Wendigo... Next time you'd be given proper quarters..." she smirked at him "with soundproofing for the hanky panky..." She winked. Hopefully he got the hint. Should things go pear shaped on this job of his, he'd have Hilda and the Queenslayers to help."

Though there was a bit of selfishness in her desire to have him come back to Queenslayer base. She wanted to get a better look at Selina and maybe figure out what more she knew about The Queen and The Crimson Kingdom's operations. If it could help her find Jhonen's daughter... It would be worth all the scrap in the world and then some.

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