Building something is good for the soul.

Kalel picked up the parts and said to Hilda, "I've already got paradise." Turning around with his hands out from his side as he walked back into the cave.

He called back to her, "I'll need some help testing these when they are built and the hardware is programmed," he said to Hilda. There was seven layers that needed to be developed. He would handle the first five, they were the levels that controlled the hardware, received and sent the messages. The rest would come from the hardware and the network protocol. The Syndicate Decker would handle those and the network interfacing.

She had brought him enough parts to make ten of the devices. Which was good as either sim flesh or slobber ruined a couple of them. He pulled out a paper file from Decker's people and made the final adjustments. Tomorrow he would have Hilda machine housings and then they would weather proof and could be mounted.

He made six of the devices, one to sell to the Syndicate (to handle his accounts) and rest to allow them to scatter where the hacking was coming from. By adjusting the output signal and increasing the delay they could make it look like the signal was coming from further away.

He would also have her make some glitter bombs so they could put enough iron and aluminum in the air to knock the network down. Simply balloons with fire crackers set off in the right spot would take out radar signals and the optical network. He bet the Dragoon's had not thought of that trick. He even thought it could take down a dragon or an ram jet engine if needed.

He leaned back into Selina and put a hand on his dragon. He felt good about what he had done.

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