Fun in the sun or how to torment grad students.

Captain Strom quickly changed into civilian clothing, though he kept the military boots. OCS taught him, not to appear as a target for snipers and the Dragoons were at war with The Crimson Queen and other factions that would try to make a deal.

Strom liked the old school style of Archeology, small shoves, small brushes and multiple summers spent on sight. It gave you time to dream and think about what you were finding. His Doctoral work changed some of that, now they also had specialized droids that could do much of the heavy lifting and bulk earth moving and his old tablet and equipment would let him map up to a mile below the earth. By varying the frequency and energy pulses he would be able to map and have a good guess of what something was made of. Well, the tech could go a mile in basic sand. A couple hundred feet in iron ore.

He walked around setting up sensors. His graduate students would starting to set up “the grid.” When he picked a spot for them. The LS-02 droid, or more lovingly called “the pig” was designed to walk then squat down and send out pulses which the stationary sensors would pick up.A computer would take the positions and start producing an image and a map. From that he would pick an area for the grad students to do things the old fashion way. They would hate him for it, as he should have hated his doctor father for it. They would spend weeks to do what the droids could do in a day.

As he flipped on the pig he saw an image that Dr. Audrey Lambert had drawn of the two of them and placed inside the pig. He had spent many nights excavating her clothing when they were both graduate students and before he became a minister. The redhead kind of looked like her, but the name was different.

It would take about half an hour for the pig to make the circle. Then about another five to ten minutes to process the data and make the map. She he went and checks on the security. The droids were patrolling. The troops were doing what they always do when the have free time.

In 40 minutes his tablet buzzed. The map was ready. He studied it. Beneath them was some sort of building. Fairly large. There was a tunnel system that ran to antichambers. That is where he was heading.

He walked according to the map to a spot. Told the grad students where to put the grid and headed back to his tent to program the droids. It was just about dusk and they would have their hands full. Traditions, you have to love it.

He laid on his cot as team of droids started to work on his part of the site. It would take them a week of work to get the site clear enough to walk. By then the students would be tired enough to learn something.

He closed his eyes and relaxed about 2am, he sat up. Something was not right. They brought him his old equipment, there was a girl that looked like his old tent partner, and someone was paying the Dragoon’s to have him here.

He sat down and wrote Cross a note with the details that were bothering him, a picture of the girl and the drawing, plus a copy of the building below. He sealed it in an envelope and wrote Cross on the outside and then equipment that we forgot. He hoped that Cross would have some check out the girl and how he got his old equipment.

The next morning he dressed down one of the Lieutenants about not bringing all the supplies they were suppose to have and sent him off on Smoke to get the equipment and to deliver the note. He hated to do it but any spy in the grad students would not know that he was passing information. He rode the rest of the Lieutenants and the Grad students hard that day. He wanted them tired and jumpy.

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