A Moment, In Peace

The night turned around the planet yet one would not have seen it. The Darks stayed in the infirmary, Joanna still asleep and Jack resting on a folding chair. Jack stirred in his sleep, restless. Jo slowly opened her eyes as she awoke.

It was the breezy feeling on her that woke her up. While she had a sheet over her, that stereotypical gown was stereotypically thin. She hated these things, especially since her bosom poked at gown. She raised the sheet a bit higher as she groggily wiped her eyes and surveyed the room.

She was in some sort of medical ward, her father snoozing with a small snore. Jo slowly got up from the bio-bed, feeling something tight tug at her skin down by her side. A glance showed bio-bandages adhered to the skin there. She rubbed a hand, mind flashing to just before she passed out.

The memory of being shot brought a ghost pain as well as a waking dose of fight-or-flight. Now wide awake, she covered herself in the sheet. "Dad?" She asked in a quiet voice.

Jack snapped awake, a snore cut short into a snort as he glanced up. "Hey, Jo," he said with love.

"I am sorry -"

"Don't," he said with some force. "We will talk about it in the morning. Right now... You feeling okay?" He asked, stretching.

"I feel fine. Except I feel like shit," she answered, uncertain. She knew she was in trouble but at the same felt body-tired.

Jack nodded and opened his arms. She raised an eyebrow but felt a wave of tiredness wash over her just behind her eyes. Swaying, she crawled into the embrace, too tired to think straight lines. It had to have been the medicine, or her own body trying to get back the energy it lost. Either way, she could not quite get the spunk to tell Jack she was too big for this anymore.

"Everything will be alright, baby girl," Joanna heard him whisper to her through the blaze of red the covered her crown. It worried her that he said that, he hadn't said that in years. "Everything will be alright..."

She passed out in his arms, warm and protected. Jack felt the strain of his adult daughter being in his arms but shrugged it aside. He was pretty sure he almost lost his daughter last night, had it not been for the timely arrival of Cross.

Speaking of which, he reached for the tac-link and began to form a message to Cross.

We neeed to talk. QSB, 1300 hrs. DBL or i am walkingh wit her, read his one-handed message. He sent it, confident it would reach Cross at some point. Of course, just as it beeped a confirmation, the door hissed open to reveal the doctor.

She found the two of them, Jack rocking Joanna in his arms as he gave a shushing look. Flexing his arms, he slowly got up and placed her gently on the bio-bed once more. After covering her, he walked purposefully to her.

"So... Complications?" He asked her, nodding to Jo. "She has had a few priors before." The thought of that operation for her spine was still a harrowing experience but one that Joanna had grown strong from.

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