Meet n Greet

When she knocked and the door and opened it, she was surprised to find Samuel in the room as well. "My apologies for my late arrival," she said trying to catch her breath. "You called for me?"

The office was sparse. Aside from an old, dusty desk and a few seats there was hardly anything inside. Located in the bowels of The Eyrie, Jhonen's office was often considered "the dungeon" due to it's location and utterly spartan decor. This was because Jhonen hardly ever used it. He had never really had a use for it, nor did he ever want it. But he was a Peacekeeper and thus he got an office along with the title.

However it was a fine enough place to gather the other dragoon and discuss what came next. Jhonen regarded Maxine with and nod and gestured for her to sit.

"I hope you and yours are doing well, doctor." Jhonen said, then he looked to Samuel. "It's good to see you both. Though I regret it's under such devastating circumstances..." Jhonen paused as his thoughts drifted to Owen Boston. His mentor and friend. He straightened up and pushed the complex emotions he was having back into the back of his mind and regarded the two dragoon with a firm nod. "I'll get to the point. We're gonna be going after The Crimson Queen. General Foster has given us the go-ahead for us to carry out or operation as we see fit so long as we maintain a level of secrecy. This is something I insisted upon as there's no doubt this is some sort of major play on The Queen's part. And I am certain that she's got spies watching our people's movements. The Queen kicked the hornet's nest, and it wasn't for a random reason.

"So while Foster's got the rest of our people riled up and on this 'manhunt' we will be doing the real legwork." Jhonen explained as he handed two datapads to Samuel and Maxine. There were some impressive files detailing The Crimson Kingdom's operations and the various criminals involved. "The Queen is elusive and good at pulling the strings of her puppets from the shadows. I've been hunting her for next to sixteen years now and I have only been able to get close to her once..." He balled his right hand into a fist. The servos in the bionic hand and arm whirred slightly as he did this. "But now that she's done this, we have an opportunity to strike back at her. And hopefully, finally bring her down."

"However," Jhonen continued. "I know that she won't be brought out into the open easily. Even Boston was no doubt killed by one of her subordinates. And that's where we will have to start. By finding and taking out her lieutenants. The datapads I've given you have dossiers on all of the ones I've been able to investigate. Study them deeply, because these are not your typical band of criminals."

"The one that I'm certain is responsible for Boston is a man they call 'The Wendigo.'" Jhonen said.

"He is a vile creature that lives up to the title, I assure you." Jhonen continued. "And I gathered some sporadic reports from locals in the region near where we found Boston that suggest The Wendigo and his group of savages have been moving around there. I've been pouring over the maps and orbital scans of the region and I think I know where those animals are hiding out: Beggar's Canyon." Jhonen pulled up a holographic map of the area and pointed to the canyon.

"Before we set out to go track these fuckers down we've gotta make a stop at the settlement of Typhon. We're gonna pick up some much-needed gear and the last of our teammates. An old friend of ours, Hilda Sinclair." He stood up from his desk and regarded the two dragoon. "Any questions before we head out?"

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