An Unexpected Response

We neeed to talk. QSB, 1300 hrs. DBL or i am walkingh wit her, read his one-handed message. He sent it, confident it would reach Cross at some point.

The message was received by his tac-link, which was back in his and Noriko's quarters. However the message popped up in Jhonen's peripheral vision via his cybernetic eye. He could answer messages from it with some eye movements. He frowned as he read it. Noriko saw the reaction, knew the look on his face.

"You're leaving me so soon?" She said.

"Have to. That 'business' that had me running late is causing trouble for me again." Jhonen knew Noriko was already livid. He was about to get up when she suddenly put her hands on his shoulders and straddled his lap to keep him from moving. "Noriko... this is important." He said with a groan of frustration.

"And I've yet to have my fill of you. These Darks still at your base?" She asked as she ran her hands through his hair and pressed herself against him.


"Then I know a solution..." Noriko said with an evil grin.


Queenslayer Base - 3 hours after Jack sent the message.

A Yakuza transport landed at Queenslayer base, much to the confusion of those who hadn't left for Clarke Island. Syn opted to remain in the background, posing as a common mech and wait to see if he needed to jump any of the strange men who were making their way to the med-bay.

By then, Hilda had returned to the base as well and upon seeing the new visitors, immediately figured out what was going on. "Noriko sent you guys didn't she?" She asked.

The one leading the group nodded. "We are here to extend an invitation to The Dark Family. We have heard of their plight against The Queen and wish to provide them refuge in more... pleasant accommodations." The Yakuza said as he looked around the ramshackle base with a hint of disdain.

Hilda chuckled. "Because Noriko doesn't want to give up Jhonen just yet no doubt. My god that woman's insatiable!" She pointed the Yakuza to the med bay and followed just in case The Darks took the appearance of a group of Yakuza in the base as an imminent attack.

When they arrived, the lead Yakuza bowed respectfully in front of Jack and Joanna. "My Boss, Yashida Noriko-sama has granted you the title of Honored Guests and wishes to transport you to Clarke Island where you will be protected and sheltered from the demoness, The Crimson Queen. We have accommodations for your daughter's current condition, so moving her will not be a problem. Please, if you'd follow us..."

Almost at that same moment, Jack got a response from Jhonen over the tac-link. It read:

Don't be an idiot, Jack.

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