Smoke Signals

The sun was setting fast and the sky was now bathed in a dull yellow hew that saturated the air. Anna and Crystal had been patrolling the area for several hours now, her backside was aching from being atop her dragon for so long. Beggar's Canyon was a massive scar that stretched across the rocky desert for several hundred kilometers. It snaked its way across the landscape until it opened up into the Greater Hult Valley to the northwest. It was a lot of ground to cover, even on dragonback.

Just as Anna and Crystal were about to call it for the night Dastan picked something up on the wind. His gaze turned towards a spot where the canyon opened up a bit. Anna looked and could see faint wisps of smoke rising up into the air.

Anna looked to Crystal. "Something's down there."

They flew down closer to investigate and noticed it was a trio of vehicles that had been burning for some time now. Long enough that the flames were already dying out.

"Wanna get a closer look?" Anna asked Crystal. "We should probably call it in first."

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