Answering the Call-Revised

Samuel had got the call on the radio to come in he was on patrol to the west over the river. He heard the distress call for all dragoons to return to base Eyrie was miles away it was going to take time to get there. he gave the Beta Dragon Bitless Bridle a pull signaling for the turn and clime they could not use the standard bit and bridle like a horse. The first problem they would bite through the bit the second is how their jaws where built. Then some had to use a head harness because of the sharp spikey scales on some dragons. Tempest had his own problems his acid poison would eat through the metal of the bit. He had been acting skittish for part of the day. He senses something out there, but Samuel could find nothing.

As he closed on Eyrie he called in for clearance to enter the air space something not normally done. Samuel knew something was really wrong. As he got closer the anti-Dragon and aircraft guns were mand. More guards were posted. Samuel smiled to him self “Tempest I just can’t help it” Tempest gave a roar. Samuel gives Tempest the signal. they go into a dive as they get close to Eyrie. At one hundred miles per hour they fly buy the dragon nest rolling and turning in dramatic aerial acrobatics’ maneuvers. Samuel laugh to himself. Tempest roar of echoing off the mountain side the sound reverberating through the trees announcing that they had arrived. With a flip of its wings and tail tempest climbed into the air turning back into a dive then at the last-minute slowing and landing on the ledge of Eyrie Base landing area. the dust kicked up as Tempest wings with his grate strength flapped as he landed.

Glenn slid of his back reaching in to one of the saddlebags he pulled a large fish out. he turned to try to hide it, but Tempest knew what he had. The dragon turned to face Samuel hunching down waging its tail happily. He through the fish into the air in one swift move Tempest snatched the fish out of the air and swallowed it quickly. He looked down at Samuel as if asking for more. Samuel grinned and said “No, you have had one that’s it!” Tempest growled in response. Samuel face got serious his voice tone changed “I said no! now go with the other dragons and behave.” Tempest turned with a look of disappointment and walked off.

It did not take long before Samuel heard news of the dead Dragoon and maimed dragon. It was the highest crime and insult that could have been made to a Dragoon. Killing their comrade and butcher the dragon, it was no wonder that everybody was already eager to set out to kill whoever this Crimson Queen was out of whatever she was hiding. He walked into the area that everyone was at he saw Midnight and Crystal sitting she was humming some tune. Samuel always thought that her dragon was part bird in that it could copy sounds that other dragons could not vary unique to her dragon.

Walking up he slowed not to startle Midnight. He put the backpack down Midnight eyed him with a low growl. He unzips the backpack Midnight sniff the air the dragon’s eyes got big as its tail started to twitch happily. Its head lifted some as Samuel pulled a large fish out. “Williams is it ok ?” he asked with a grin. She gave a nod the fish went airborne when Samuel through it. caching it midnight and in two bites it was gone. Samuel zip the bag shut and walked closer “Williams, have you heard anything new” He asked. He had not known her long she was newer and one of the youngest officers they had. But he did help her with some training and thought she and her dragon was a good fit and asset to the team and not bad looking either he though.
He stopped and sat against a near by rock. “sorry Ensign did not bring anything for you” he said jokingly.

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