Going on the Hunt

"Before we set out to go track these fuckers down we've gotta make a stop at the settlement of Typhon. We're gonna pick up some much-needed gear and the last of our teammates. An old friend of ours, Hilda Sinclair." He stood up from his desk and regarded the two dragoon. "Any questions before we head out?"

Samuel stared at the data pad then said “this is a strike mission and kill the people responsible right? Do we have the go for that from command? I have no problem with that. I just want to know how much trouble I will be in when I pull the trigger.” Samuel looking him in the eyes his face blank emotionless his eyes could.

After Jhonen reply Samuel got up form his chair and gave a nod to Doctor Brennan and Jhonen. Turning to Doctor Brennan “I know you are a combat medic, in this mission I have to know if you will pull a trigger and kill them no regrets” Samuel says coldly. Staring as if he sees right through her. “I can not have any hesitation on this mission it will get us killed.” Samuel moves towards the door. Then stops “I will not hesitate they are already dead. Jhonen, I and Tempest are leaving now I am ready see you in the settlement of Typhon.”

When they get outside tempest jumps to his feet, he looks at Samuel and growls his eyes narrow. Samuel walks up to him and says “time to hunt!” tempest lowers his head as he walks by Samuel give him a quick pat on the head. climbing into the saddle Samuel looks at the attendant “off to hell! death from above!” as he and his dragon jump off the side disappearing form view then seen flying up in the distance.

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