The After Party

Jhonen would've given words of encouragement to Ink for his attempt. However he was distracted by the sight of young Joanna Dark in a stunning evening dress. He was relieved to see she was already back on her feet.

However, something--one could say his paternal instinct--told him the fact that her father wasn't around meant she was here against his wishes. Jhonen had figured Jack wasn't gonna be happy being surrounded by Yakuza. The dress though, that was Noriko's handiwork, no doubt. He shot Noriko a disappointed expression, and she merely grinned devilishly.

Jhonen went to Noriko and nodded to her. "I'm glad to see you've healed nicely. I'm fine patching bullet holes up but I'm no surgeon." He frowned. "How're you and your father handling all of this? I know everything been crazy... And I apologize about Noriko... she's a woman who likes things her way... and her way is having me here for as long as she can."


Anna laughed at the sight of Midnight holding up Ink. "Crystal what's gotten into Midnight? Have him put the poor man down!"

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