Echoes of The Past - The Deep Roads, Part I

Night had descended on the badlands and Chris was struggling to stay awake as he rode Nessa, his dragon, in yet another convoluted patrol route that Strom had insisted he follow. Chris was getting weary of this. Several weeks in the desert, digging holes in the sand, watching the nerds bicker, and all the while Margot had been following him around like a puppy. He knew she had a crush on him. And while she was cute in that chubby nerd kind of way, Chris wasn't feeling frisky at all. Strom was busting his balls too much for him to want to do anything else with them.

The Chaplain had him on these strange patrol routes for the last few days now, and they were testing his patience. They were in the middle of nowhere. No one was out here. And since word that Cross and some other dragoon had slain The Wendigo his pack was now scattered to the four winds. So even they weren't a threat.

Something was bothering Strom. Chris had sussed that much out. Yet what? He'd been eyeballing all the outgoing and incoming transmissions. But it was the instant when Strom had, out of nowhere, berated Chris for fucking up a piece of equipment and had him fly all the way back to Queenslayer Base (the closest Dragoon outpost to where they were) to get a replacement, along with delivering a parcel.

Chris was certain that parcel had been a message. Everything about this was fishy. However, Chris would keep from asking any questions and play along for the moment.

However just when he was about to say "Fuck it!" and head back to the dig site, Nessa chirped and looked down towards the southeast. Chris peered down to where she was staring, she'd picked up something. He switched his goggles to night vision and the infrared lit up a small camp with over a dozen people. The camp was perched on a cliff that looked out over the desert... a perfect vantage point to spy on the dig site...

"Fuck..." Chris muttered to himself as he took Nessa higher to avoid being spotted himself and made his way back to the camp. Once he landed he made a bee line to Strom's tent, it was one of the larger ones, and served as his office and quarters.

"Chap... we've got a problem." Chris said under his breath the moment he burst in.

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