The Demon Arm

The party may have been winding down but Joanna was full of spunk. Drinks, food, and plenty of people with smiles and laughter. The only thing she noticed was that made her eye them out was the Yakuza. They were everywhere, black suited and mostly blending in. The tats were a clear giveaway to anyone who knew.

As she walked in, she ran across a face that made her freeze with uncertainty.

Jhonen went to Joanna and nodded to her. "I'm glad to see you've healed nicely. I'm fine patching bullet holes up but I'm no surgeon." He frowned. "How're you and your father handling all of this? I know everything been crazy... And I apologize about Noriko... she's a woman who likes things her way... and her way is having me here for as long as she can."

"Oh," she started, "Dad is good. He thinks the I am inept on any job without support, go figure. Like he has anything to say about that. And I take it Noriko is that girl over there," she added with a nod and a smile. "Sounds like she is a woman who knows what she wants," she finished with a wink.

She paused and leaned back against a wooden banister of the deck. "I guess you found about the killtract? Did you find out who put it out? Dad keeps saying this 'Crimson Bitch'. I thought it was Citra Corp, considering..." She paused again, wondering if she was about to say something damning.

"Never mind... Though it is nice to meet the legendary Jhonen Cross. Read a fair bit about you. Have to ask though; your arm, can you feel anything with it? I know prosthetic on Earth was really good."

She kinda wanted to feel the arm herself, to see if the tactile response was as good here as on Earth. She remembered a time where she thought such things were cool even though now she knew better. "May I?" She asked, with a point to his arm. "Does it hurt?"

About that time, she heard the tweeting trill of a dragon and looked over his shoulder to see a dark dragon lifting a man in the air. It was an actual dragon and despite being her for a while, she had yet to see one of these games beasts. It was beyond beautiful in appearance and the look of a kid in a candy store spread across her face. "A dragon!" Joanna went, excitedly. Then she reigned herself in.

Come on girl, you are next to a badass and you are acting like you are ten again. Not to mention he does look really good, in a rugged sort of way.

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