Joanna Gets Handsy

"Dad is good. He thinks the I am inept on any job without support, go figure. Like he has anything to say about that. And I take it Noriko is that girl over there," she added with a nod and a smile. "Sounds like she is a woman who knows what she wants," she finished with a wink.

Jhonen held his tongue. He wanted to point out that she had managed to get herself shot on the last solo outing she'd undertaken. Wanted to tell her that any good operative was only as good as the team backing them up. Yet he knew from experience that you never point out when a girl was horribly wrong. Especially one clearly frustrated with her father. He shrugged and nodded at Joanna's response to Noriko. "She is."

She paused and leaned back against a wooden banister of the deck. "I guess you found about the killtract? Did you find out who put it out? Dad keeps saying this 'Crimson Bitch'. I thought it was Citra Corp, considering..." She paused again, wondering if she was about to say something damning.

Jhonen was surprised that no one, not even Jack, had filled her in about what had actually happened. Jhonen did feel that may have been a poor attempt to shield Joanna from the truth. Jhonen was about to set things straight with her when she decided to change the subject.

"Though it is nice to meet the legendary Jhonen Cross. Read a fair bit about you. Have to ask though; your arm, can you feel anything with it? I know prosthetics on Earth were really good."

She kinda wanted to feel the arm herself, to see if the tactile response was as good here as on Earth. She remembered a time where she thought such things were cool even though now she knew better. "May I?" She asked, with a point to his arm. "Does it hurt?"

Jhonen smirked and nodded, holding his arm up. It was one he used for fancy occasions such as this. Hilda had designed it with an ivory finish and black markings meant to resemble tattoos. Artistic dragons swirled around the arm in an elaborate pattern with their wings and tails meshing. "Be my guest." Jhonen said.

"I don't feel much pain." He explained. "Every now and then my fingers tingle..." He shrugged. "Phantom pain. Though the prosthetic does provide feedback of its own, but it's more muted in its sensations." Joanna inspected his arm, touching the ivory finish gently and turning his hand over in hers. "For one, I can't feel that. Though Hilda, who makes my arms, is working on more sophisticated ones for me. I don't much care, it gets the job done."

About that time, she heard the tweeting trill of a dragon and looked over his shoulder to see a dark dragon lifting a man in the air. It was an actual dragon and despite being her for a while, she had yet to see one of these games beasts. It was beyond beautiful in appearance and the look of a kid in a candy store spread across her face. "A dragon!" Joanna went, excitedly. Then she reigned herself in.

Jhonen looked at the sight of Midnight lifting Ink into the air. He shook his head, amused. "I take it you haven't seen many dragons yet?" He looked to where Anya was perched in the stadium seats and with a firm, loud whistle the thresher dragon leaped up into the air and gently glided over to where he and Joanna were. She landed a few feet away from them and studied Joanna curiously. Though Anya was a smaller dragon than most, no bigger than a tiger really, she was still a thresher and no doubt intimidating to the young girl. Jhonen wasn't worried however, Anya knew to trust those Jhonen kept around him.

"Joanna Dark, this is Anya." He gestured to Anya, offering her to go pet her.

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