Primed and ready

When morning came Kalel felt ready to go with the job. He got on the radio and sent a message to a friend who had a friend who sent it off world then echoed back to an alias mail drop that Decker would get. He was ready for the master hacker and the accounting team to work their magic. He bought six bags of party balloons and all the glitter he could get his hands on and packed the balloons. He got a helium tank and fireworks and prepped his explosives. The glitter bombs would slow down the communication networks, play with radar, cause flight problems, and probably tick off some dragons in the area for good measure. He was fine with that.

Kalel sent a crate with the glitter bombs with a message to Hilda and told her that he was expecting a friend to come through the port looking for him.

May the Prophet help the next second grade teacher trying to buy glitter for her class, he thought. This was going to tick off a large number of powerful people along with the Queen.

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