Ink is not pleased and Ink is pleased

Midnight wasn't quiet the way Void was, not even close. So being startled wasn't the reason Ink even allowed himself to be picked up. Quite the opposite; it was better not to startle the dragon who was trying to lift you gently, lest the gentleness wore off. Ink relaxed his body, even smirked in amusement behind the mask as Midnight tried to lure over Void. Like she'd ever go for that. If Ink wanted her to come, she'd come. If not, she'd stay hidden.

He waited until Crystal finished apologizing. He wasn't able to say anything at this point, not without resetting the healing process. If he could, he would have told her off about her lack of control over her dragon, how dangerous this sort of behavior could be should he perform it on untrained civilians.

But he could not speak. And the sentiment she expressed did not leave him cold, despite it being unprofessional and hardly earned. A mission and a half together did not make them best buds. But Crystal was young, and emotional responses were par for the course at her age. He appreciated being thought of as a friend. It hadn't happened in a while.

So instead, he knocked on his chest twice and stuck up a thumb to indicate he was doing fine. Then he patted her on the shoulder, displayed a curt wave to her and Anna, and moved to follow through with his original plan and see to Void. As he left, he looked with passing curiosity to Jhonen and an unknown girl, who was being introduced to Jhonen's dragon. He shot Jhonen a salute in passing, and quickened his pace. He'd been apart from Void quite long enough now.

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