Arms, Dargons, And Dark Eyes

"Though it is nice to meet the legendary Jhonen Cross. Read a fair bit about you. Have to ask though; your arm, can you feel anything with it? I know prosthetics on Earth were really good."

She kinda wanted to feel the arm herself, to see if the tactile response was as good here as on Earth. She remembered a time where she thought such things were cool even though now she knew better. "May I?" She asked, with a point to his arm. "Does it hurt?"

Jhonen smirked and nodded, holding his arm up. It was one he used for fancy occasions such as this. Hilda had designed it with an ivory finish and black markings meant to resemble tattoos. Artistic dragons swirled around the arm in an elaborate pattern with their wings and tails meshing. "Be my guest." Jhonen said.

"I don't feel much pain." He explained. "Every now and then my fingers tingle..." He shrugged. "Phantom pain. Though the prosthetic does provide feedback of its own, but it's more muted in its sensations." Joanna inspected his arm, touching the ivory finish gently and turning his hand over in hers. "For one, I can't feel that. Though Hilda, who makes my arms, is working on more sophisticated ones for me. I don't much care, it gets the job done."

The hard ivory was beautiful in quality for obvious cybernetics, Joanna tracing a Japanese dragon. Though, his description of the arm's system indicated that, no, not as good as on Earth. Still, it was functional. And how he put it matched some of the profile she did on him.

About that time, she heard the tweeting trill of a dragon and looked over his shoulder to see a dark dragon lifting a man in the air. It was an actual dragon and despite being her for a while, she had yet to see one of these world's beasts. It was beyond beautiful in appearance and the look of a kid in a candy store spread across her face. "A dragon!" Joanna went, excitedly. Then she reigned herself in.

Jhonen looked at the sight of Midnight lifting Ink into the air. He shook his head, amused. "I take it you haven't seen many dragons yet?" She shook her head. He looked to where Anya was perched in the stadium seats and with a firm, loud whistle the thresher dragon leaped up into the air and gently glided over to where he and Joanna were. She landed a few feet away from them and studied Joanna curiously. Though Anya was a smaller dragon than most, no bigger than a tiger really, she was still a thresher and no doubt intimidating to the young girl. Jhonen wasn't worried however, Anya knew to trust those Jhonen kept around him.

"Joanna Dark, this is Anya." He gestured to Anya, offering her to go pet her.

It was with a bit intimidation and a fair bit of excitement she walked slowly to the thresher dragon. Jo out her hand out hesitantly, aware that she was looking at an apex predator. When her hand finally met the feathered head, she was surprised at how warm the creature was. Anya tilted her head up and bumped her hand. Joanna's face split in a wide and incredulous smile as she rubbed back behind the head at the "ears" of the feathers.

"She is beautiful," Jo said to Cross. "And so gentle."

Training kicked in her head, getting a feeling that someone or multiple someone's eyes were on her. She glanced up and saw few people looking in her direction. She looked back to Cross. "Everyone here has a dragon?" She glanced back. " Do I have something on my face, Jhonen? " she finished.

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