hope is lost

A girl sits on her bed by a window. This window over looks Golden Peak the small mining town that was once her home. the girls hair is black, her skin is pail, and her eyes are the tell tall black and red of the uplifted. The room was bare concert walls ceiling and floor. The door to the room was always locked unless she was going to be taken to that laboratory. She hated this place and had tried multiply time to escape freezing to death was prefurible to living like this. The girls name was Aurora and unlike the others who had been turned into thesis monstrositys called the uplifted. she retained her free will.

As Aurora sat in silence in her sell she Hurd fighting out side. she could see the entire battle from her window. " No Leave them alone" she screamed and pounded on the window. in hind sight that probably was not the best idea and now Lanstrom or her lab assistance would know that she had seen the battle.

She saw the invaders take up shelter in one of the theaters. It did not mater they would leave or be capered. they would be stuck in a cage like she was. she burst into tear siting with her back agents the wall and her arms around her knees. she had no hope of ever getting free. Unless some one could course a camotuon big enough to take out the power she was never getting the door to her cell open.

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