Wired for greed

Morning came and Kalel was a bit nervous. It wasn't often in ones life that they got the chance to have corporate scale money in their hands. The way that Selina and Decker talked about it. He was going to be rich beyond his wildest dreams. The problem for Kalel was that much money was somewhat imaginary to him. He would finally have made it to the big time and he had the girl too.

His dragon snorted at him as he was making the last minute touches to the devices. They were ready. Selina came an put her arms around him as he was screwing the housing together. For that moment he felt like he was the king of the world, not some scavenging rat trying to stay alive. The dragoons had their weapons and code of honor, but he was going to do something that they had not managed to do. Hit the Queen someplace that it was really going to hurt, in the bank accounts.

He felt like he was the smartest thief in the world. A new hover transport to get around. Better weapons to protect the colony. New pipes for water, running it into peoples houses. Maybe get the clinic really up to the level of a small hospital.

"What do you think?" He asked the dragon and Selina. The dragon snorted.
"You always say that," he said
Selina gave him a squeeze.

Now he need the syndicate decker to get here and Hilda to get them where they could plant the devices.

Selena slid a paper with the poor accountant in the Queen's empire that was going to take the fall. After Selina said what he had done to her, he really did not mind what the queen would do to him.

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