A walk

Crystal nodded and followed Samuel. she enjoying the sound of the beach and the dragoons. She silently hoped Tempest did not end up with eggs not that it would be a bad thing it was just that to have a clutch of dragon ages anytime soon would be horrible timing. The new hatch-lings would be an easy target for the queen and her men. That thought troubled Crystal as the walked.

Her attention was drawn back to Samuel as he joked and pulled her close. she notice there was something off with his breathing. in truth she had liked Samuel for a long time but was never brave enough to tell him. She had always though he saw her is a crazy little ensign he had been tasked with training. just another one to teach so they don't die on there first mission.

As Samuel stooped and pulled her close she relaxed punting her head agents his chest. she lisoned quietly as he spoke. That voice she could lison to it for hours. it was a long time be for she spoke. She struggled to tell him. " the truth is Samuel iv liked you for a long time seance around the time you started training me. had Anna not pushed you away you would probably be with her tonight and not here with me." she said she looked at him for a moment. " tell me why did you pick me over Anna, I also want to know more about you" she said.

Midnight was ignoring the tow humans and trying to convince tempest to fly with him. Midnight was up to something but for once even if Crystal were paying attention she would have no clue what the dragon was up to.

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