Dragon Love, Love, Just one more kiss

As Samuel stooped and pulled Crystal close, she relaxed punting her head agents his chest. she listened quietly as he spoke. That voice she could listen to it for hours. it was a long time before she spoke. She struggled to tell him. " the truth is Samuel I’ve liked you for a long time seance around the time you started training me. had Anna not pushed you away you would probably be with her tonight and not here with me." she said she looked at him for a moment. " tell me why did you pick me over Anna, I also want to know more about you" she said.

Back ground Music

Taking a deep breath Samuel let it out slow. “Your room that’s when I realized I like you, remember the drinks? As a rule, you don’t get involved with teammates. It can be dangerous in combat. So that’s why I did not notice you like me. I had a hunch but did not accept it until now” He replied. Samuel was silent for a time seem to be in joying the moment holding her in his arms. “As for Anna, well not to sound bad or put her down. But she would be a grate one-nighter. But not long-term relationship. That we would end up fighting like cats and dogs’ it would end in ruin.” He lends in a little and kisses her head. “you I feel, no, I know could live the rest of my life with you. I can say why but just know” He said then chuckled. “besides the kids get along.” Looking over to the dragons Then back down at her. Her warm body against his was all he could handle his self-control was wearing thin. He did not want to come across that all he was trying to do is lay with her.

“Now about me well I was born on terra nova II colony outer rim” He said. “had a hard time fitting in around other kids. I seemed to outperform all the other kids. To them it seems almost that I was arrogant. They bulled me for it. but I got into several fights, so I gained their respect and their friendship for my spirit of no surrender.” He kissed her head again and moved to the background music some.

“My parents made sure I got best schooling a person could get. They went out of their way to bring me teachers to give me privet lessons. With the extensive schooling I had as a youth I fallowed my dad join the military. I took every chance I could to train with the military I became a Military Specialist Special Operations Engineer and did 20 years.” said Samuel.

“I was getting tiered of killing or someone trying to kill me. So, I joined the Jericho project they commissioned me Chief warrant officer and made me a Pilot they wanted to give me a direct commission into security, but I had enough of that. So became a pilot. Well you know the rest met Tempests got the nasty scar on my leg been a dragon rider ever sense. So much for the peaceful life “ he said and chuckled. “That me in a nutshell. Been too busy to have any real relationships had a girlfriend short term couple of times but nothing like I feel here with you. just something different. Maybe because your Special.” He explained.

“So, were do you want us to go from here? Is this just for now? or can we see how far we can take this relationship?” Samuel ask Crystal.

He reached up with his hand touching her chin gently lifting up looking into her eyes falling further into her embrace. He kissed her lips softly hopping to feel her touch more.

Midnight was ignoring the tow humans and trying to convince tempest to fly with him. Midnight was up to something but for once even if Crystal were paying attention, she would have no clue what the dragon was up to.

Tempest was holder her ground against Midnight's advances. You could tell Midnight wanted to go somewhere alone Samuel figured. Having enough Tempest stretched out a wing and put it over Midnight. placed her tail with his and affectionately put her head on top of his pining him to the ground. As if to say no stay next to me.

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