The Crimson Heist

Kullen Decker was feeling lucky.

For the first time in many years, The Syndicate was about to really bring the pain to The Crimson Bitch. And the best part of all of this was that by the end of it, The Syndicate would be on top. When he arrived at the sad hole in the ground that Kalel called a home he felt bad for the little scavenger. The guy had no idea what he was getting into.

Even if the plan went smoothly, odds were that The Queen would retaliate, and it wouldn't be some lame ass accountant getting skinned for the trouble, though no doubt The Queen would do something like that out of spite. No, sadly Kalel would have to be the one to pay the piper on this one.

A shame, but then he really should've accepted Kullen's offer to join them. There was no honor among thieves, that much was true, but the Syndicate did look out for their own. And Kalel had been given many chances over the years to join. They could've helped him, his people, but they were all stubborn.

Kullen presented the decker, a mousy girl with braids who looked no older than seventeen. Yet she was as skilled as they came, and was more than up to the challenge presented by The Crimson Queen's cyber security.

"Don't let the girl's looks fool you, Kalel." Kullen said with a smirk. "She the best The Syndicate has to offer, and that's saying something. Only person better'n her is Whipser..." Kullen shrugged. "If you believe Whisper is a real person that is..."

As Kalel went over the details with the decker, Kullen's eyes fell on Selina who was busy preparing gear for the other part of the heist. "You look familiar, girl, have we met before?"

"I can't say we have." Selina said with a shrug. "My memory's not all good sadly. So I wouldn't know."

An airheaded blonde... Not the sort of girl Kullen pegged a man like Kalel would take an interest in. Oh well, to each their own. She was a tall drink and a half after all.

He looked back to Kalel. "So... we ready to get this show on the road?"

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