Love is in the air

“ I just hope we don’t end up with a bunch of eggs, don’t get me wrong I would love to have baby dragons running around, but now is not the time for baby's. Midnight and Tempest are easily recognizable on there own. Now we are fighting the crimson queen they are targets as it and they can defeat themselves. I can imagine that there baby’s would be targeted baby dragons can’t defend themselves.” She said shaking her head.

Crystal listened quietly to his life story. She frowned at his question. He who most of what there was to know about her. Considering she did not remember her past. She just got him and now he was trying to tuck his tail run off like a scared fox. “ if you think you can be all lover boy tonight and then go back to the way thing we’re. You are mistaken. If you want to be with me then here I am and I’m not going anywhere. As Combat we are dragoon we can take anything that’s thrown at us.” She said then kissed him.

Her attention was drawn from Samuel as midnight started to tweet agrivatedey. She looked over to find Tempest Had pined to Midnight next to her. “ Tempist stop that let him up. He does not like that” Crystal said coming to Midnights rescue. Then turned her attention to midnight she know Midnight had to have done something to agrivated tempest. “ Midnight behavior yourself and quite pestering her she doesn’t want to play right now” she said. Midnight tweeted frustratedly at her. He was not trying to play.

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