Dragons play, confections of the Heart

“ I just hope we don’t end up with a bunch of eggs, don’t get me wrong I would love to have baby dragons running around, but now is not the time for baby's. Midnight and Tempest are easily recognizable on their own. Now we are fighting the crimson queen they are targets as it and they can defeat themselves. I can imagine that their babies would be targeted baby dragons can’t defend themselves.” She said shaking her head.

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“ if you think you can be all lover boy tonight and then go back to the way thing we’re. You are mistaken. If you want to be with me then here I am and I’m not going anywhere. As Combat we are dragoon, we can take anything that’s thrown at us.” She said then kissed him.

He returned her kiss passionately then hugged her saying softly “I knew that I was going no where after are time flying and that first kiss sealed my fate and my hart fell into your hands. I am glad you understand are position in the dragoon and as riders. Sometimes I forget how strong you are.” He watched her look at the two dragons.

She looked over to find Tempest Had pinned to Midnight next to her. “ Tempist stop that let him up. He does not like that” Crystal said coming to Midnights rescue. Then turned her attention to midnight. “ Midnight behavior yourself and quite pestering her she doesn’t want to play right now” she said. Midnight tweeted frustratedly at her. He was not trying to play.

Samuel stepped forward let out some loud whistles that echoed giving commands to tempest. He held his hand in in the air making a fist with his palm facing Tempest. Instantly she jumped to the side folding her wings and lying flat on the ground head down. She looked up at Samuel with her big eyes “enough Tempest, its ok we do understand. Just not now.” tempest let out a wine then look at Midnight and gave a playful nip in the direction of the male dragon. Tempest eyes kept twitching back and forth between Midnight and Samuel. He dropped his fist “Recover!” he commanded. Tempest leap to her feet posed for action. “ok, go play and be have yourself be a lady!” said Samuel. She gave a roar and with a leap and flap of her wings she shot into the air.

Samuel turned to Crystal taking her back in to his arms. “Don’t worry I know no eggs right now not with this much danger hunting the Red Queen. But all bets are off when are mission is over. dragons know instinctively when a good time is.” He kissed her forehead. “now, back to you. I am still in command in front of the others at work we must stay professional is all I ask of you. just know if I seem to come down hard it is my job not the way I feel about you.” he pauses listening to the dragons fly over the water. Speaking softly, he says “I know from your records that your memory has some lapses from cold sleep. So, I won’t ask about your past its in the past and I am good with that.” He leans in kissing her thinking I am so dun in she has my heart and there is nothing I can do about it he thought.

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