Anna Alone

Anna watched Samuel and Crystal head off towards the beach, and then to Jhonen as he bid the young girl he was talking to goodnight. Noriko wasn't far behind him.

The night had been a bust.

She found herself wandering the paths that wound through the resort alone. And eventually she found a bench to sit down on and let out a heavy sigh as she tried not to cry. Everyone had someone tonight except her. Which wouldn't have been a major issue if not for the one glaring thing about tonight she couldn't quite put out of her mind:

Anna hadn't even gotten to sing.

She had been overlooked. Nothing quite like being treated as a non-entity in the group to make you feel like shit. And it kept getting worse. She could tell Ink was mad about something, she'd fucked up back in the wendigo lair after all. That was on her mind. The fact she was still a newbie, yet somehow part of a major operation like this one, and she was coming up short.

Eventually the pain grew to be too much and she started to cry right there in the empty park.

"Fucking stupid... I'm so fucking stupid..."

Almost in response, she heard Dastan chirp behind her. She turned, saw her dragon looking at her with concern. He moved around to the side of the bench and tilted his head curiously. Then he nudged her with his snout. She stopped crying.

"Well at least someone loves me." She pet his snout. "Shame you can't turn into a handsome guy too..." She sighed.

"I thought I heard crying." A voice came from her right and she saw a man standing on the path. He had the look of a typical tourist. Though he was a handsome one. Tall, dark hair, and fit. "You okay, miss?"

Anna wiped the tears from her face. "Not really..."

"That's not good... Your dragon seems nice though." The man said.

"He is a sweetie." She pat Dastan on the snout again. He regarded the stranger with the typical concern a dragon would with any stranger. Yet he didn't growl since Anna wasn't particularly perturbed with him.

"Mind if I join you then? You do look like you need company." The man said.

Anna nodded. "Be my guest." She clicked her tongue at Dastan to have him move back. He went to a grassy spot nearby and laid down as the man took a seat next to her.

"I'm Finn." The man introduced himself while offering his hand.

Anna took it meekly. "Anna Braga..."

"Lovely to meet you." Finn said. "So.... you're dragoon?"

Anna nodded. "Yeah... the worst fucking dragoon on Jericho apparently..."

"Why do yous say that?"

"Because in the last month I have managed to get me and my dragon captured by blood thirsty mongoloids, and nearly fucked up a major operation I was tasked with taking part of... And apparently I'm such a fucking valuable part of this team that I wasn't even included in the festivities they had planned... And... and..." She didn't want to cry again. She tried to hold back.

"You're lonely?" Finn seemed to know exactly what she was thinking.

Anna could only manage a nod.

"Not anymore." Finn said with a smile.

She looked up at him. He seemed kind and genuine, yet she was also aware that she was vulnerable and not thinking straight. She had to be careful not to--she kissed him right there on the bench. She didn't give a shit she needed something, someone, anyone, to make her feel better.

Finn had to push her off. "Whoa, hey! That was unexpected."

Anna sighed, frustrated. "You seemed interested."

"I am, but I didn't want to take advantage..."

"Please do..." Anna said. Looking up at the man.

They went back to Anna's room. Clothes were tossed aside and soon they were in bed. Anna was determined to finally slake the built up lust she'd been carrying around for what seemed like an eternity. She'd put Crystal before her. And look what it got her? She was off having fun with Samuel while she'd been ignored. Not now though. It was high time she got someone to scratch that itch that she'd denied scratching for far too long.

Finn scratched it to hell and back for her.

However, he didn't just pick up his clothes and leave when the deed was done, nor when morning finally came. She woke up nestled in the crook of his arm. He was awake before she was, staring up at the ceiling, clearly deep in thought.

"Regretting last night yet?" Anna asked.

Finn shook his head. "No. It was great. No regrets. Just wondering where this leaves us."

"Where do you want this to leave us?" Anna asked.

"Well I'd like to buy you breakfast, maybe get to know more about you?" Finn looked at her sheepishly. "Usually I do that before jumping into bed with someone."

Anna chuckled. "Yeah... me too..."

"You not wanting to do that?" Finn asked.

Anna shrugged. "I dunno. I'm supposed to head back to Landfall today. Work... though I'm seriously thinking of not going..."

"Because of what your co-workers did to you?" Finn asked.

"We're supposed to be a team, but when they don't seem to care..." She pushed air through her nostrils in frustration. "Fuck it. I want to stay longer. Fuck Jhonen and fuck The Queenslayers. I want breakfast. Then I want to come back here and have you again. Is that fine?" She looked up at him.

Finn grinned. "Sounds like a plan to me..."

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