Morning Routines

He types up a message for Cross.

Heard about Golden Peak. Willing to help, talk more in detail in person. Need to talk about the future of our whole scenario. Message me at earliest convenience. Jack

He sent it and leaned back. Whatever was happening, he wanted a piece of that Crimson Bitch. She was going regret the day she placed a bit on them, that much he planned on.

In the morning, before he left for Queenslayer Base, Jhonen stopped at the Dark's room in the resort to speak to Jack. When the man answered he didn't waste time with the niceties.

"You wanted to talk. Let's talk." Jhonen said. "No doubt you want in on this Game. Given what happened, I don't blame you. You are welcome on my team, and so is Joanna... even though I feel she'd be better here kept safe, but she's not my daughter..." He shrugged. "If anything, it will be easier to keep you from getting shot by some would-be Crimson assassin by sticking with me than hiding. No doubt I couldn't stop you from trying to strike back at The Queen anyways. So... yes... you and Joanna can consider yourselves Queenslayers..."


After finishing up his talk with Jack, Jhonen got a call from Noriko over his link. "Jhonen... I'm sorry... I fucked up..." It was Noriko.

"What's wrong?" Jhonen asked.

"So... you know that thing I suggested for your little friend Anna..."


Samuel's tac-link went off. It was Jhonen. "Samuel, could you and Crystal go and find Anna for me? She's not answering her link, the sooner the better." The call was succinct and to-the-point. Yet there was a hint of urgency in Jhonen's voice. How he knew that Samuel was with Crystal was anybody's guess. Yet he didn't make a point of dwelling on it. "We leave for QB at 1400." Jhonen finished before hanging up.

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