Don't touch my sister!

Crystal looked at Noriko for a moment but the chartering dragons cought her attention. She looked up to see Dastan before he took off with Midnight and Tempest close be hind. she took her bow from her back and took off at a dead sprint after them. She despritly hoped Anna was still ok and that she was not to late.

Dastan Lead the dragons to a canape of trees. Midnight could smell Anna and a stranger. with out warning Midnight dove crashing throw the trees. he landed practically onto of Anna his front paws between her and the assassin. The dragon reared back soddenly on his hind legs and let out a defining Roar. Then came back down to all fours with a thud his paws once again between the Assassin and Anna. her brought his head down to eye level with the man and bared his teeth in a growl.

Crystal kept here eyes on the sky as she ran the dragons stopped circling above a group of trees over a large fountain. she saw Midnight dive suddenly Anna most be there she thought picking up her pace. She arrived on the seen just in time to see midnight rear back and roar. crystal gritted her teeth nocked an arrow and aimed.

As of that moment the man was focused on Midnight and not aware of her presents she needed to take advantage of that. She let her first arrow fly she had amed for center mass just like she would if she were shooting a gun. " Get away from my sister" Crystal yelled.

crystal rolled to her right to avoid shots that were fired at her by the man he had some kind of weapon built into his arm. She fired several more arrows before dodging again. this went on for several minutes wail she weighted for Samuel. If she knew him he was hiding in the trees getting reedy to shoot the man in the head.

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