We Are Dragoon, We Are Family

Just as Anna was about to accept her fate she saw a large shadow burst through the canopy and land over her. At first she thought it was Dastan, but then she saw the blue fur and immediately knew who it was.

"Midnight!" She managed to utter though her voice was weak under the spell of the poison. He kept Finn at bay, the assassin backed away from the angry dragon.

"That was unexpected..." Finn said, his voice clearly showing surprise and concern as he backed away. "But you won't stop me from getting my pound of flesh..."

In response, an arrow flew and struck Finn in the chest, he stumbled back, confused at what the heck he'd just been hit with, and pulled the arrow out with a look of annoyance as nanomed began to close the wound. "The hell???"

"Get away from my sister!" Crystal yelled.

At the sound of Crystal's voice, Anna's heart soared. They had come! Oh thank the Gods they had come! She tried to speak but wasn't able to. A mix of the paralysis and her own emotions choked her.

crystal rolled to her right to avoid shots that were fired at her by the man he had some kind of weapon built into his arm. She fired several more arrows before dodging again. this went on for several minutes wail she weighted for Samuel. If she knew him he was hiding in the trees getting reedy to shoot the man in the head.

"Another one of Jhonen's precious girls... Gah! The fuck are you shooting me with??? A bow?!? A fucking bow?!?" Finn exclaimed as he glared at the arrows Crystal had managed to hit him with. He shook his head as his cybernetics got to work shutting off the pain and stitching him together. "You're gonna need more than that to bring me down, bitch!" He brought up his gun arm and readied a shot...

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