Feel the Burn

Another one of Jhonen's precious girls... Gah! The fuck are you shooting me with??? A bow?!? A fucking bow?!?" Finn exclaimed as he glared at the arrows Crystal had managed to hit him with. He shook his head as his cybernetics got to work shutting off the pain and stitching him together. "You're gonna need more than that to bring me down, bitch!" He brought up his gun arm and readied a shot...

Running at full speed he was making a flanking attack could only hope everyone was OK as he heard shots. he raised his hand in the air let out some loud whistle’s. with a balled fist He moved his arm in a half circle motion as he ended it. He flattened his hand and thrusting his hand forward. Tempest roared and dove coming in from behind the others the dragon tucking in its wings and pulling its legs back took the form like a dart. Tempest cut through the trees as she got close a big ball of white milky foam formed in her mouth. The man heard her coming and turned to see her Just before she touched down, she shot it from her mouth striking in the man in the chest. Instantly his skin stared to blister and dissolve the vapors coming from him burns some in the noses of the people around him. Tempest lands in the same motion of shot she spins her body around her spiked tail whips around striking him with the force and a truck. Striking the man sending him flying through the trees he bounced and landed near Samuel. Bringing up his KRISS he fired a burst. Puff of air came from the silenced weapon as the dual-purpose rounds with armor piercing cores punch right through him blood splattered as his body danced from the impacts of the rounds. Samuel back off as the vapors of the poison acid started to burn his noise. By this time the man’s nervous system was shutting down he would not feel a thing in the end. It would not be long.

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