Dad's Home...

The Crimson Queen continued to laugh, it seemed to fill the entire grotto and drowned out everything else. The proxy woman had managed to avoid most of the damage caused by Crystal's explosive arrows. Though bits of shrapnel were jutting from her flawless skin. Midnight lunging at her had taken her by surprise, even something inhuman like the proxy showed visible fear when a dragon was attacking. So much so she didn't see Crystal close in with her knife. She got a few good slashes in before the proxy regained its composure and avoided the next series of slashes, ducked to avoid the next swipe from Midnight, then caught Crystal's wrist as she went in again for the attack and sent her spinning head over heels until she landed on her back. The proxy raised the arrow it had caught and was about to plunge it into Crystal's throat when a loud gunshot roared through and silenced the constant laughter coming from the proxy.

The proxy doubled over, and crumbled into a heap on the ground as amber liquid spilled from a large bullet wound in its abdomen, the entry wound on its right showing where the shot had come from.

Jhonen stood on the far end of the grotto, his pistol still trained on the proxy as he drew closer to the group.

"That's enough!" Jhonen roared. "You won't have any of my people, Lilith! Not today!"

Noriko suddenly appeared with a large contingent of armed Yakuza who began to secure the area. Noriko was already at Anna's side. A look of regret and shame on her face as she looked the girl over.

"I am so sorry, my dear. This is my fault..." Noriko muttered to Anna. "Ah... yes... Nirganji... I wouldn't have expected any less..." Noriko found the small pinprick where Finn had injected her almost immediately and looked to the medic that was with them and set about treating Anna. "Be still, sweet thing." Noriko said to Anna as she stroked her hair. "You will be fine... And I am so sorry for this grave mistake..."

The laughter of The Queen returned, though distorted.

"You can't keep them safe... Jhonen... She is waiting... Our daughter is waiting for you... Don't keep her waiting..."

Another gunshot went off. Jhonen silenced the Guardian Angel once and for all and sighed as he looked to his team and shook his head in disdain.

So the cat was out of the bag... They would ask him what she meant, and he would answer the truth... yet now all that mattered was they were safe.

He looked to Noriko. "How's Anna?"

"She'll live..." Noriko said as she closed her eyes, shame came off her in waves.

Jhonen went to Crystal, but noted how Midnight was being aggressive and protective and kept his distance. "Williams... What you did was reckless and stupid." He didn't raise his voice, yet there was a hint of disappointment in it. "That was a Guardian Angel you tried to fight hand to hand. A combat simulant. You're lucky Midnight was with you. On your own you would've been killed a lot sooner..."

Then he sighed. "But I'm glad you all are okay..." He looked down and waited for the questions to come.

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