“That pice of trash threatened to skin Midnight what did you expect. I want the fifth off this planet now and I don’t care what I have to do to get rid of her” crystal said coldly taking his hand and getting to her feet midnight growled his agreement with her.

“ I take it this which kidnapped your daughter” crystal said. She was still agitated as she moved to retrieve her bow. Midnight watched her. Then looked to Jhonen he seamed to calm noticed that Jhonen had saved crystals life. The firer read head was still extremely angry.

Midnight was upset too but strangely enough as if trying to say thank you. The dragon rubbed his nose against Jhonen side. Crystal blinked shocked for a moment as she saw the moment unfold. “ I think he is trying to say thank you he might let you pet him” she said. There was clear confusion in her voice.

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