One Splash

After Samuel shot the man in from of him Tempest came crashing through the trees and brush fallowing her pray. She stopped and sniffed the dying man. He looked up at Samuel playfully bouncing back and forth happily satisfied with her attack. Suddenly she stops and turned around lifting her head in the air her head turned slightly listening intently. Samuel raised his KRISS to ready position.

Seeing the VTOL coming over the trees Samuel thought that they were friendly. Then all at wants he realized it was not as it flew in his direction. He ran jumping on to tempest back and into his saddle. “Airborne” he yelled. Tempest coiled up then shot into the air with one flap of her wings she was over the trees in seconds. The small VTOL did a sharp turn as Samuel tried to shoot it. the rounds did not penetrate the hull but did damage it some. As he turned to reengage the side door opened a pale skinned blonde woman stepped out and jumped.

"I must say I am impressed..." Came a sultry voice from above. A pale skinned blonde woman descended from the cover of the canopy and landed next to the smoking remains of Finn as he twitched and shuffled off this mortal coil once and for all. "Jhonen has picked you all very well..." The blonde woman said. Yet her mouth did not move.

He would just have to let the team on the ground deal with her. The VTOL turned and slipped right as Samuel and tempest flew by trying again, he fired a burst from his KRISS the windows cracked and chipped, but the bullet prof glass held. Samuel and tempest continued their turn ending up behind the VTOL. The small VTOL started to take off to outrun them, but it could not gain speed enough to outrun tempest within seconds they were both over the water. Tempest grabbed on to the VTOL car digging in her claws and spit big ball of white milky foam in to one of the engines. She ripped into another with her claws.

Samuel held on the best he could as they started to spin with the VTOL Tempest roared as she tried to tear into the VTOL more. Samuel fired into one of the engines. Smoke poured out as its cot fire. “take it down Tempest.” The dragon dipped a wing and pulled the VTOL in to a roll then pulled down as the VTOL, Tempest and Samuel started to sin towards the water. The 300m drop went fast at the last minuet she let go the VTOL crashed into the water it looked like it hit a wall exploding into pieces. Killing the man inside

With a flap of her wings they climbed back into the air turning they headed back to the team. They flew fast as they could coming back over trees at an incredible speed seeing the people below. Midnight was upset too but strangely enough as if trying to say thank you. The dragon rubbed his nose against Jhonen side. Crystal looked shocked for a moment. “I think he is trying to say thank you he might let you pet him” she said. There was clear confusion in her voice. as Tempest flared her wings out fully, they stopped in the air and with a small turn and drop they landed. Samuel jumped off tempest and walked up saying nothing.

Jhonen's features softened and a pained look came over his face at Crystal's question. Midnight was being surprisingly friendly however and this made Jhonen smile somewhat, clearly the dragon was showing thanks for saving Crystal.

He listens to Jhonen talk and tell his story. He knew some of what was going on but all and now it made more sense. He had his work cut out for him. but as a team they could get it done. He walked up next to Crystal he put his arm around her. She walked away glancing back with a smile.

Crystal approached Jhonen. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a hug. “ It’s ok we can get her back together. You don’t have to do this alone.” She said then stepped back away from him.

“ besides midnight and I want this bitch gone to the damage she has done to are home is unacceptable” crystal said midnight tweeted in agreement. The dragon then eased his head makes a call. He was trying to convince Anya to come her partner needed her.

Samuel smiled then shook his head chuckled. “The queen is in for one hell of a ride. And with Crystal on are side how can we fail.” He says encouragingly.

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