Because Staring At Numbers On A Screen Is Boring

About eighty percent up the tower, he could see the data lock starting to sync. Another two meters and he knew he was in the data stream.
The decker called out, "Good."

Kalel secured the equipment then came back down the way he went up. Finally taking off the gloved.

"Now show me your better than Whisper," he challenged her.

The decker frowned at Kalel and began to work her magic. And it was then that Selina started her own hack. For her it was like wandering a massive libarary. Everything was physical sensation to her. A hallucination almost for a simulant brain in order to properly interface with computers.

She found herself in a massive, red room. Light poured in from the open windows as white curtains fluttered in the digital breeze. Selina made her way to the nearby hallway and started down it. All the while she could hear echoes of data as voices, and she could hear a trill buzzing noise that she somehow knew was the Syndicate Decker doing her work.

In spite of how long it seemed to take for her to reach the end of the hallway, in reality it was just a few nanoseconds of real time. She found herself where she needed to be, in front of a large, locked vault where a strange looking insect with a large proboscis was trying to drill it's way into the vault. She knew this was the hacking program used by the decker to get access to the Crimson Queen's accounts.

Selina smirked and spun the large wheel on the vault, watching the large insect spin around on it, totally oblivious to her presence and what was happening. She'd used her own code to open the vault, a simple thing really, and it would look like the Syndicate had hacked it from her and used it to access the accounts when The Queen's tech geeks looked at the data.

Then she entered the vault. Inside were mountains of gold and black coins. The gold coins were standard Colonial Cubits, the black were marked with the red logo of the Citra Corporation and were a form of internal company currency used by executives for special black projects and deals with criminal organizations. They were easily laundered into Cubits upon transfer but weren't identifiable until after a transfer had been made.

Selina began to scoop several of these black coins into a bag she summoned into her hand. These were the coins that would end up going missing. They were harder to trace and thus easier to steal. By the time she finished putting the black coins into the bag the decker's insect had flown in and began to fly around the vault, a little black circle formed in the room which began to collect gold and black coins alike into itself. Though not as much as Selina had put into the bag, though that wouldn't look like it to The Queen.

With her task finished she left the vault and made her way down the crimson corridor intent on making her way to the location in this hallucination that would allow her to transmit her ill-gotten gains to the secure account Kalel had set up. However, she was stopped by someone she recognized...


She paused, staring up at the woman who looked identical to her and tilted her head quizzically. The other Selina grinned devilishly before side-stepping to let her pass. Selina frowned and walked by her duplicate who merely watched as she made her way down the hall and around the corner. The other Selina didn't follow her, nor did she raise the alarm. She just grinned.

Back in reality, Selina's eyes refocused and she looked to her beloved Kalel with a small smile to confirm that everything had worked out as he had planned. Now all that remained was to continue playing the part the Syndicate expected and get the hell out of there.

However, Selina had no recollection of her meeting with the strange duplicate she met in the hallucination. To her, everything had happened without so much as an issue.

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