Time to fight

Crystal looks up at the wall then at Jhonen.” You know cross if you had let midnight and I fly here this would not be a problem” she said getting her grappling hook redy. “ I mean come on he is covered in fur it stands to reason that what ever he is he’s adapted for this kind of wether” she hissed. As she got to the top of the wall then over it. She landed carefully on the ground. Something feels off about this place. She had no doubt that midnight would lose it when he did arive.

As they walked and started to hear chanting crystal reached of an exploding arrow. She knocked the a arrow at the ground as they walked. A strange man appeared and started talking to Jhonen. She Ames her bow at the man. “ Jhonen don’t listen to her. I know you want to save your Daughter but this entire town has something dark over it I can feel it. She will destroy are home if we leave her unchecked” she said her voice was almost desperate. Something had definitely shaken her.

After Jhonen shot the man to crystals relief her bad feeling was confirmed. Creachers popes our of the ground. She did not wast time she sent several arrows flying all of them were exploding arrows. Though she was already calculating the odds and with out the dragons they would lose this fight. “ we have to retreat we can’t fight all of them with out are dragons.” Crystal said.

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