In to the fray

"Eyes up. We've been spotted." Jhonen said. He racked his rifle and took a defensive position near a parked spinner.

Samuel and Crystal took cover in a ally next to the spinner that Jhonen was behind. Samuel let Crystal in front some as he readied her bow. He did not like her in the front, but he had no chose but to let it happen. He raised his assault predator tactical shotgun. As he looked through laser dot site. He stepped out some ready to shoot.

In response, the snow around them shook as massive creatures with twisted forms and tentacles erupted from underneath it. They roared and started to descend upon the team.


Watching Crystal shoot three arrows Samuel saw the arrows explode as they hit the target. Pieces of the monsters splattered around them. Though she was already calculating the odds and without the dragons they would lose this fight. “we have to retreat we can’t fight all of them without are dragons.” Crystal said.

Samuel stepped out to her left and fired. The Predator shotgun fired rapidly as the Frag-12 A4 rounds hit their targets the Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munition blew large parts off one of the monsters. Samuel knew the rounds could punch through 2 inches of armor and had a blast radius of a meter. “You can’t always depend on the dragons. Some things you just have to do yourself.” He said as he stepped back. “besides I am here what could go wrong?” he said jokingly.

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